After months of saturation from pundits extraordinaire, Saturday Night Live parodies, and YouTube videos, November 4th is upon us.

At this moment of truth, what should a Christian do? It goes without saying—make sure you exercise your right to vote! But don’t leave it at that. There will be many challenges facing our nation and the church in America in the next few years.

Complacency is one luxury we cannot afford, whether in the voting booth or the prayer closet.  So here’s a variation on the title of a popular book by Elizabeth Griffin, using three points to help us participate responsibly in our culture and country:

PRAY Pray that God would grant our leaders wisdom, clarity and humility before Him, and keep praying after the election! It’s not enough to pray for the right leaders to get into office.  We’re also commanded to pray for all leaders that are placed in office. (I Tim) Pray for Christ-followers individually and corporately to be open to His voice, to repent when necessary of our own sins, and to recommit our lives to serving Him wholeheartedly.

VOTE – Vote your Biblical values and faith.  Make the most of the voice you have been given in our system of government.  God put you here for such a time as this—make the most of every opportunity. Remember, voting is stewardship, so be sure you’re a faithful one.

LOVE – Boldly love, especially those with whom you disagree, by serving them with good works and modeling the truth you have been taught.

Pray, Vote, Love.  November 4th, 2008 and beyond.

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  1. Randy, I agree. Maybe the national adversity we’ve been going through will keep us sharper, more connected to our own communities and more aware of the need for consistency in our lives. That consistency being walking worthy of our calling in Jesus! -R

  2. Very good post. I am personally *very* tired of it all. I cannot wait for it to be over. The challenge will be to carry forward your exhortation above.

    I will try!

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