The Sexual Resolution

This is the premier month of Joe Dallas podcast, The Sexual Resolution with Joe Dallas.
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What is The Sexual Resolution?
In essence, making a resolution means we’re hoping we can change a behavior we’ve engaged in so it will be back in alignment with our value system. If I value having a fit body or a healthy heart, I may resolve to quit smoking or lose that last ten pounds.  In  so doing, my behavior and my values line up.

But resolution also has a synonym—courage.  That may explain why resolutions are so often abandoned when tested:  It takes courage to live according to one’s beliefs.

Webster’s Dictionary has a few interesting definitions of the word “resolution” which communicate concepts I think are helpful in understanding what it means to be striving for “sexual resolution”.  Let’s consider a few:

1) progression  from dissonance to consonance

Many of us are living our lives in ways that conflict with our values and so we are in a state of dissonance.  Think back to the last third grade band recital you attended and you’ll know what I’m talking about. One instrument may be playing in tune, but another instrument isn’t.  When they play together, you have dissonance! And it can be very painful to listen to. In the same way, our values are like the instrument that plays in tune and our behavior is like the instrument that’s out of tune. The lack of harmony between the two creates a stressful, uncomfortable life until the dissonance is resolved.

Sexual Resolution depends on our getting back in tune with our belief system.

2) the point in a literary work at which the chief dramatic complication 
   is worked out

When we live our lives out of tune with our values, we create drama, don’t we?  It starts with us, moves into our marriages, our finances, our jobs and complicates just about every relationship we have.  Whether we want to admit it or not, our behavior may be causing us to be the “chief dramatic complication” in our loved one’s lives.  Instead of a relationship of love and mutuality, we become a burden they have to deal with day after day.

Sexual Resolution is when the complications created by our wrongful behavior begin to cease because we’re “owning our stuff” and working towards living back in line with our beliefs.

3) a measure of the sharpness of an image i.e. the total number or density of pixels in the image <a resolution of 1200 dots per inch>

Sometimes we can be like a low resolution digital photo, or a fragmented hard-drive.  When we join ourselves in sexual behavior outside of God’s design, little pieces of our emotions get bonded to this person, then that person, or that image, until little pieces of us are all over the place.  When a partner has been engaged in sexual activity outside the marriage, neither partner can be content or fully functional in the relationship until God is allowed to reclaim those pieces, bring them back into focus and align them with His image of us.  

Sexual Resolution is when my fragmented, pixilated emotions are recaptured, reexamined, and reassembled to form a sharp, focused picture of the true person I was meant to be in Christ.

So, courage my friend.  And commitment.  And take a minute to listen to The Sexual Resolution podcast. -R







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