Women Are Like That

Here’s the eleventh commandment:  Thou shalt have a sense of humor! 

I thought this movie trailer from a 30’s movie might be entertaining! Women Are Like That portrays a “libertine” wife having to be taught to behave by her husband. I’ll bet many of us wish the roles were reversed here, don’t you?  I know many a woman who’d like to KO her husband so he’d behave.

Ah… if it were only as easy and breezy as a light romantic comedy.  But, seriously, how do you keep your sense of humor in your present circumstances?  I’d like to know.  Let’s give each other some constuctive ideas. -R


  1. Sense of humor? What’s that? Well, just to get some relief I like to watch old I Love Lucy episodes, and I do like old movies, similar to the one you posted. I guess it’s more escape, not humor. Does anybody have any ideas?

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