About Last Night

Last night while the West Coast was at ease, I began to reflect on the events of the day.  Our WifeBoat Group meeting had ended, all those courageous ladies sharing, baring and holding their hearts open to the Lord and to each other. I was so grateful for            God’s presence and work.  I sat straight up in bed and wrote this:

          Today, I was your partner.

I set out to prepare for the work You had for me
     and my heart became so full–
ideas, thoughts, compassion, pleadings–
     all mingled with joy and anticipation.

The desire to communicate with You became overwhelming,
     the ability to do so with my mind, inadequate. 
So the Spirit moved in me and I rasied my hands to You,
     certain of Your Presence, like a Ten Foot Man 
     in front of me peering down.

And I began to speak to You in words
     my ears did not recognize, but my soul understood.
There You walked with me into the tasks at hand,
     and You completed them.

How are You so Wonderful to make this possible?
     For You to be in me and me in You?
For this partaking, partnership and sharing
    is all Your generosity to me!

You are too wonderful for words.


  1. Wow! That was moving. I haven’t been that intimate with the Lord in a while. Thank you for sharing.

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