Montana Kindergarten Sex Ed: Know Your AB Sleaze

Well, today I learned about another way of adding to our children’s vocabulary. Sexual vocabulary, that is. Parents in Helena, Montana are expressing outrage over a new curriculum that proposes that children as young as age five be taught about human sexuality—a proposal which opponents say pushes the boundaries and conflicts with parental prerogative and values.

According to the Fox News report, the curriculum will include such “age-appropriate” information such as diagrams of the male/female sexual anatomy in Kindergarten, teaching first-graders about same sex relationships, and by the age of 10, informing children about “sexual positions” and how to make the right “health decisions” in relation to them.

The parents are rightly concerned. Besides the real worry of early exposure of their children to sexually explicit material, they also know best about when and in what context their child should be taught about sexuality. Understanding sexuality in a healthy way has to do with the relationships that inform it and the emotions and responsibilities that go along with it, not just biological functions and purposely obscure moral judgments. The parental relationship is the primary informing relationship and it should stay that way.

The school district’s proposal demands that parents subject their child to them as the primary informing relationship, allowing them to assume the role of Nanny State. They imply that they know best and they are only taking into consideration those children whose parents are uninvolved. Oh, it’s easy to be cynical of the Nanny State’s agenda when they assume they get it better than the majority of parents.

And here’s a good indication that the Nanny State has an agenda: they seem to presume that at the age of 10 a child will be a relationship where they’ll need to know about sexual positions! I hope not!

All this makes me question the wisdom of acclimating our children to such mature levels of sex-ed at young ages. On this blog, we’ve seen the consequences of sexual addiction and pornography wreaking havoc on our society and families, and how our cultural is continuing to mainstream porn and promote it as an essential to our collective vocabulary.

Is it any wonder they think our kids ought to know their AB Sleaze? What do you think?


  1. I’m thankful to be a Christian educator in a public school. I can be a light for Christ to many who are still in the darkness. It is a blessing to me to be in a position to share my faith with my students, as well as my non-Christian co-workers. I find every possible way to throw in references to church, God, forgiveness, good choices, integrity, etc., and to be a good example of His love. Hopefully, more and more Christians will take a stand and be those lights in our educational system. I shudder to think what would happen if we all turned our backs on what may well be one of the most fertile harvest fields available to us on a daily basis. We need Christians on our local and state school boards, as our teachers, school administrators, counselors, custodians, etc. Just think about the change we could bring about in our communities, our states, and our nation, if Christians overtook the schools! I smile just thinking about it, and hope wells within me!! :) I can hear satan crying now at the prospect of this coming to fruition…..

  2. Parents definately have a lot more to contend with these days — the cultural consensus is no longer on the side of morality – in fact, I think it’s turned upside down, similar to what the prophet Isaiah said – calling what’s wrong, good and calling what’s good evil. (I guess that’s the Old Testament definition of “politically correct”). I’m thankful that we still have alternatives for schooling — that helps.

  3. This is just one more of MANY reasons that we have chose to home school our three kids.

  4. These “educators” think they know better than parents, and jam this stuff down our throats. It takes a lot more effort to stand up for the right thing these days, and it’s making me feel tired. Anybody else as exhausted as I am?

  5. Outrageous! Simply outrageous.

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