Emmanuel! He Always Reminds Me

Every Christmas I seem to get bogged down in the details.  I think it’s because I’m a first-born and I have the incredible sense of responsibility to do things perfectly, from the way I fold the dishtowels to the way I hang the Christmas wreath. When I’m in this state, I don’t appreciate and enjoy the wonderous thoughts and reflections of the season. I just go like gangbusters, get exhausted and start feeling unappreciated.  O Martha, thy name is Renee.  And this is no way to do Christmas.

I  love the Lord and  He is so patient when I say, “Could you wait a minute… I’ve got to straighten out this mess on the sofa!  I’ll be right with you.”  But today I heard Him more urgently reminding me, calling me:

I’m with you. I want you to be with Me.I had allowed stress to make me insensitive to Him, not realizing He’s been by my side all along, patiently guiding me, speaking to me and reminding me I’m in His care. The words of the hymn came to me.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel, and ransom captive Isreal.
That mourns in lonely exile here
Until the Son of God appear.

Mourning in lonely exile. Those words struck me hard, because I think they describe our state without Him in our lives.  Maybe  “lonely exile” is the best way to describe where you find yourself this year. It may be a loneliness that was forced upon you by a husband who has been unfaithful, or it may even be the lonely exile of your own choices.  Regardless of how we get there, Christmas is the reminder that we don’t have to stay there.  The Son of God has appeared and He Himself  has determined to be with us right in the spot we are right now.  His grace sees beyond, and even though outwardly the situation may not seem different, if you allow Him to be with you and you with Him,  it is different and full of purpose and possibilities. That’s why this is a season of hope.  And hope makes us not ashamed, but full of joy.

Rejoice, rejoice!  Emanuel has come to us, O Isreal!  -R

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  1. Thanks, Randy! Merry Christmas to you, good friend! -R

  2. Great post and I LOVE O Come O Come Emmanuel. Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas to you too, Sonya! When I read your post and your Christmas greeting, I felt it – the meaning of “merry” in the dictionary is “joyous disposition of spirit”. And you’ve expressed it so well, above. I’m so thankful that in Christ we always have hope. He is our confident expectation, and what a better time to reflect on this than this Christmas Eve?


  4. Loved this, Renee. I, too, am a firstborn, and a MAJOR MARTHA!! The hymn you mentioned is one of my favorites. It reminds me that although I feel in a vascillating state of “lonely exile” from my spouse, I am NEVER in that place completely. Christ is always with me. Whatever this season and coming year may bring, I will be able to not only bear it, but overcome and thrive beyond it. I thank God for hope, joy, overcoming pain, and for His blessed son, my Savior, Emanuel.
    Merry Christmas, Renee!

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