Anthony Weiner and the State of Men

Anthony Weiner has recently indicated that he will be getting help to deal with his sexual issues, and for that, well… I’m glad.  He seems to have employed the “Chineese water torture” method of disclosure that my husband often talks about when he’s counseling men about what not to do.  But at least now, it all out in the open. 

Many of you have questions about what to expect when someone decides to get help for this, and for an intellegent discussion on this, I’d recommend that you read my husband’s blog post Congressman Weiner Seeks Help So What Should Help Look Like?

Video to Vent To
But if you’d like to just like to vent about the state of men these days, let’s get real! I found this clip from the musical Kiss Me Kate that I thought would help that process along. Enjoy! :)

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