Tears of Rememberance on Good Friday

Today is the day we remember, as Jesus asked us to do when we celebrate our communion with Him.  In celebrating the last supper He and His disciples would share together before his death on the cross He said, “Do this in rememberance of Me” as He broke the bread. (Luke 22:19) This Good Friday, we remember once again.

I was very moved my husband’s post today, Tears of Rememberance on Good Friday.  It made me thoughtful about how I remember – do I accompany my tears with a change of heart and a move to action? Do I believe that “all things are possible” because of what Christ has done?  Because He made the way for me, do I believe it is possible not only that I will have eternal life, but the ability to overcome the difficulties of my sins and to be with Him, a Victor?

Please read, remember, reflect.  And have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

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