Compromise: The “Slow Fade” to Gray

Joe did a radio interview the other day and they introduced him with this song, Slow Fade,  from Casting Crowns.  We were both blow away by it because it so eloquently describes what we see daily--sexual compromise and the heartache it inflicts on families.  Take a minute to watch this. No commentary needed as this speaks for itself. -R Continue Reading

Women Are Like That

Here's the eleventh commandment:  Thou shalt have a sense of humor!  I thought this movie trailer from a 30's movie might be entertaining! Women Are Like That portrays a "libertine" wife having to be taught to behave by her husband. I'll bet many of us wish the roles were reversed here, don't you?  I know many a woman who'd like to KO her husband so he'd behave. Ah... if it were only as easy and breezy as a light romantic comedy.  But, seriously, how do you keep your sense of humor in your present circumstances?  I'd like to know.  Let's Continue Reading

What “The Women” Has To Say To Women

I’ll admit feeling a little protective when I heard about a remake of The Women, the 1939 classic which is still one of my favorite movies. It was released the same year as The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind, but Dorothy and Scarlett O’Hara had nothing on these ladies. Featuring the likes of Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell, they’re a quick, catty and conniving bunch of man-grabbing, back-stabbing-with-a-smile friends who display everything great and monstrous about female bonding. Despite the title, it’s largely a movie Continue Reading