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For Couples/by Joe and Renee Dallas
After the Fall:  Restoring Marriages Damaged by Sexual Sin
One-Day Seminar  by Joe and Renee Dallas
This one day seminar is designed to help couples get better insight into the impact the sexual sin has had on thier marriage, and outlines the steps they can take to restore a damaged marriage.  Opening and closing sessions are co-taught by Joe and Renee, then the men and women break into separate classes specifically designed for issues that relate to them. Time is also set aside for Q & A during the men’s and women’s sessions.  Subjects include:  After the Fall: Acessing the Damage, Boundaries (Wives), Keeping It Clean (Husbands), Rebonding and Rebuilding (Couples).

Five Part Series by Joe and Renee Dallas
Any marriage, whether in recovery or not, needs  practical building skills  in order to be successful.  As marriage is a key relationship with which God’s works out His plan in our lives, understanding how to hone these skills is crucial.  This series of classes defines the skills needed, practical helps, and includes examples from Joe and Renee’s ministry.

Workshops by Renee Dallas

A-F-T-E-R: Working Through Emotions After a Betrayal
One of the most common questions a wife asks when working through the pain of a betrayal in her marriage is “How can I get over my anger and learn to trust again?”, and “What does forgiveness look like?”  This class will help women learn to navigate the different emotions invovlved and help give clarity to anyone seeking to find healing and restoration.

When a husband’s sin is disclosed it’s like an earthquake happened, and the ground beneath the relationship is shifting.  This workshop addresses what a wife goes through, the reprecussions, emotions and choices she’ll have to make, and what the process of rebuilding looks like.

Anger:  I’m Mad!  Is That OK?
When someone is truly angry, the ensuing emotions can create confusion or a sense of guilt which prevents then from expressing anger in a productive way.  This workshop outlines why we get angry, if it’s ok and how to express it using Biblical models.

Boundaries and the Wounded Wife
This workshop establishes why boundaries are  important, how they can be articulated and implemented in a wounded marriage.  We explore how each woman can identify what she needs and how to protect herself from further wounding while at the same time keeping the relationship open and communicating.

Dating & Marriage:  What a Girl Wants, What She Should Expect
What should a woman look for when she is dating a man who says he “struggles” with sexual sin?  And what does a wife do when dealing with a man who personally struggles with pornogrpahy, homosexuality or other activity outside thier marriage?  this class will talk about realistic expectations, healthy boundaries and getting clarity.

Elasticized Faith: Trusting God in Trying Times
The scripture is full of stories of men and women who were challenged by difficult circumstances and learned in those circumstances how to more fully lean on God.  This workshop will explore the ways we can be tested, what God is looking to produce in us as a result, and the positive outcome that comes from it.  Especially tailored to women in difficult circumstances in thier marriages.

Hear Ye, Hear Me! Making Communication Work
Many marriages and relationships are broken because people practice a form of communcation that separates them, instead of one that creates understanding.  This class will help people understand why effective communication is needed using Biblical examples, and how to work towards successful and meaningful conversations.

Various Biblical topics available upon request, and can be tailored to meet the needs of your event.

All workshops TM and (c) Joe and Renee Dallas. All Rights Reserved.

For more information on scheduling Renee or Joe Dallas for a speaking engagement, please use Booking Joe Contact Form

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