A Deliberate Peace

I’m trapped in a house of testosterone. One husband, two sons, and not a scrap of femininity in sight. As the sole female in a man’s world, I’m just about able to cope with socks on the floor, toilet seats raised and the ape-like slamming of doors and drawers. But I draw the line at television viewing. At the end of the day, when I’m trying to unwind and prepare for sleep, I really don’t think Die Hard III or Crime Scene Investigation is going to speed me to my dreams. So when we’re choosing what to watch I insist, time and again, “I want to Continue Reading

Beachball Therapy- Not!

Have you ever tried to hold a beach ball underwater?  It takes a lot of energy and focus.  You may be trying to hide it from someone else in the pool, trying to make nice and act like you don’t have it.  But invariably, something will happen – you get distracted, you loosen your grip, someone calls your name, and whoosh! That beach ball ascends to the surface with astounding speed, and once it starts, it’s almost impossible to stop.  The force with which it reveals itself can be surprising and shocking. That’s the way the world tries to Continue Reading

Perseverance – My Saturday Morning Devotion from Exodus 2012

I have always thought the end of a conference was one of the hardest times to navigate: we’ve been in a cocoon-like world, a back-to-the-womb time. We expressed, received and gave. Then the inevitable happened: we came down from the mountain to face a huge paradigm shift and a series of ups and downs. (Mine included delayed flights, stuffy airplanes, and chocolate binges). But reality tends to check us at the door of home sweet home. The things we sought to understand in the insulated safety of that mountain now present themselves squarely Continue Reading

Left Behind: The Problem

I've been wanting to explore the issue of abandonment for several months now, because it seems to be an issue that comes up again and again during the WifeBoat Support Groups. Here's Part I of a guest post I did for my husband's blog, JoeDallasOnline.com.  Look for Part II next week, when  I address how to move from fear-based relating to more a God-centered and secure way of dealing with fear of abandonment.  Blessings, R. Left Behind: The Problem Can you imagine a little girl raised in poverty because her father squandered the family Continue Reading