Your Christmas Present Will Become Your Christmas Past

My Christmas present was filled with hurt and an uncertain future. On the outside, it looked like a normal present, wrapped in a respectable bow, and put in a familiar setting. Nice Christian marriage, newborn baby, and the outside of the box looked oh-so-great. The secret was inside the box, waiting to be unwrapped: My marriage was ending, my child’s future was uncertain, my heart was shattered. That was my Christmas present twenty seven years ago. (Skip the math, OK?  :) That’ll be your Christmas present to me. ) Christmas Present Continue Reading

Your husband’s admitted he’s homosexual. What now?

The Faces Behind the Issues Here in California, we’re in the middle of a huge and heartbreaking controversy over Proposition 8, the marriage amendment that essentially banned same-sex marriage in this state.  Amidst all the political upheaval, people often forget the faces behind the issues: many of those faces belong to women who are trying to cope with the revelation that their husband is homosexual.  And though the Christian worldview on homosexuality differs from that of our culture, it does not necessarily grant immunity from the issue Continue Reading