Seven Habits of Highly Effective Moms

It’s hard to be a wife and Mom these days.  Our culture is so full of confusing messages trying to define for us what a woman should be that trying to navigate through them all feels like living in a minefield! There are lots of people holding themselves up as models for us to follow. For instance, there are the Real Housewives whose drama lets us into their private financial issues, plastic surgeries and rocky relationships. Then there’s the woman CEO who writes a book telling us how to make it in a man’s world; and there’s the Media Maven Continue Reading

A Deliberate Peace

I’m trapped in a house of testosterone. One husband, two sons, and not a scrap of femininity in sight. As the sole female in a man’s world, I’m just about able to cope with socks on the floor, toilet seats raised and the ape-like slamming of doors and drawers. But I draw the line at television viewing. At the end of the day, when I’m trying to unwind and prepare for sleep, I really don’t think Die Hard III or Crime Scene Investigation is going to speed me to my dreams. So when we’re choosing what to watch I insist, time and again, “I want to Continue Reading

What, Me, Worry?

What does a girl do when she’s anxious?  In my case, she bakes oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, settles down in front of her favorite chick flick and proceeds to eat the whole batch into oblivion. Chewy, sweet, slightly nutritious… escapism. There are so many things that set our nerves on edge these days.  We worry about our children’s safety.  We hear stories about people showing up at schools with shotguns and predators’ trolling the internet. Our schedules seem to be non-stop, finances and relational issues bog us down, and we torment Continue Reading

The Woes of Joe’s Toes

I recently purchased a plaque in honor of my Joe’s and 25th wedding anniversary. It’s hanging in between the His and Hers mirrors in our master bath.  It has a not-so-subtle message: “You and I are pretty unusual:  I am pretty and you are unusual.” So, needless to say, I’m living up to the “Princess” label Joe has assigned to me. (I’m ok with that, by the way--I enjoy flouncing, and I love to make an entrance).  But I’ve also given Joe the label of “Quirky”. Take the issue of our mutual toes. Every morning, Joe and I execute the same Continue Reading

God’s Lemonade

I’m fresh off a study in my women’s group on the Book of Jonah-- four short chapters long on drama!  It’s a story of God’s interruption in the life of a man who refused His call, rebelled and bolted, got rerouted and released on the shore with no choice but to revisit his mandate to preach repentance. Could our group relate from lessons learned in our own lives!  I appreciated the honest sharing, citing second chances and divine interventions, recycled hardships and God’s unrelenting pursuit ( O Love that Will Not Let Me Go! ).  We Continue Reading