A Faith Test

I remember back to my grammar school days. (Yes, I can actually remember back that far.)  Of course we studied math, science, English, and the other grade school subjects. We worked our way through homework assignments and hours of classroom instruction, reading the textbooks and absorbing information. Then at long last, there would come a day of reckoning. Test Day.  That was the day we were put through our paces, our teachers eager to see how much knowledge we had retained.  Our test results would help them determine if we were ready to go to Continue Reading

Three Obstacles to True Forgiveness

For a wife who is dealing with her husband’s sexual sin, part of the process of forgiveness includes coming to an understanding of what she has truly lost by the betrayal, and then beginning to release the debt of the offense against her. If she doesn’t go through this process, I’m not sure she can truly say “from her heart” she has truly forgiven. (Matthew 18:32-35) But forgiveness can be a challenge because the hurt may still resonate, and the emotions and fears combine to add confusion as to what true forgiveness looks like.  Here are Continue Reading

Recycle My Heart: A Valentine’s Day Prayer

It wouldn’t be fitting to leave you “postless” on St. Valentine’s Day.  I have ruminated about what to say today to the women who read this blog; women who have been hurt by spouses in ways that make them feel… less like a Valentine and more like a discarded newspaper.  Once upon a time, interesting, but today--old news. I remember feeling like that. Valentine’s Day was particularly difficult for me when I went through the painful rejection in my first marriage. (See It Happened to a Nice Christian Girl)  After all, the day is all about Continue Reading

Radio Interview Today on KBRT 740am

I wanted to let you all know that I will be on KBRT 740.am today, talking about the work of WifeBoat while my husband is guest hosting for Rich Bueler's show, "Talk from the Heart". If anyone wants to listen, it’s on at KBRT AM 740 3:00-5:00pm PST. You can also listen live online at http://www.kbrt740.com/ if you go to the site at that time. Thanks to everyone for keeping the show in prayer, and please continue to pray for Rich, who is ill with a cancer diagnosis, and his family. Thanks so much! Renee Continue Reading

See You at the Exodus Freedom Conference

I'll be attending the Exodus Freedom conference this week, so if any of you are attending and want to say "Hey!" I'd love to meet you.  I'll be helping out with SteadFast on Wednesday, doing a workshop on Thursday and Saturday.  I'm off to finish my packing, and hope I remember to bring all my shoes. (It's all about the shoes, ladies.) Hope to return with some wonderful stories. -R Continue Reading