A Deliberate Peace

I’m trapped in a house of testosterone. One husband, two sons, and not a scrap of femininity in sight. As the sole female in a man’s world, I’m just about able to cope with socks on the floor, toilet seats raised and the ape-like slamming of doors and drawers. But I draw the line at television viewing. At the end of the day, when I’m trying to unwind and prepare for sleep, I really don’t think Die Hard III or Crime Scene Investigation is going to speed me to my dreams. So when we’re choosing what to watch I insist, time and again, “I want to Continue Reading

What, Me, Worry?

What does a girl do when she’s anxious?  In my case, she bakes oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, settles down in front of her favorite chick flick and proceeds to eat the whole batch into oblivion. Chewy, sweet, slightly nutritious… escapism. There are so many things that set our nerves on edge these days.  We worry about our children’s safety.  We hear stories about people showing up at schools with shotguns and predators’ trolling the internet. Our schedules seem to be non-stop, finances and relational issues bog us down, and we torment Continue Reading

Tearing Down the Walls, Weeping to the Hymns, and Singing in the Rain

This week some walls came-a-tumblin’ down. Inside the sanctuary of my church, we began a three day tear down—after 30 years of non-stop use, our church home is being remodeled, reworked, and being called The Restoration Project. A few hundred of us showed up with tools, axes, gloves and elbow grease, and the demolition began. Crowbars creaked planks apart, axes were wielded with aplomb, and lighting fixtures came down; the people of my church earnestly tackled the demolition just as earnestly as they have tackled missions trips and singing with Continue Reading

Hope Floats

      Blessed be the Lord,                                                     For He has shown me his marvelous         kindness in a strong city!      For I said in my haste,         ‘"I am cut off from before your eyes”;      Nevertheless You heard the voice         of my supplications      When I cried to out to You.      Oh, love the Lord, all you his saints!      For the Lord preserves the faithful,      And fully repays the proud person.      Be of good courage,      And He shall strengthen your heart,      All you who Continue Reading