Cultivating your BFFs

A few years ago, there was a short-lived reality show called My New BFF, where young women competed for the privilege of being Paris Hilton’s “New Best Friend Forever”.  It was a one-sided proposition where Paris the celebrity, auditioned those eager to earn the privilege of entering her world. The title of Friend came at a price, and I couldn’t help but think of the popularity contests in my high school that only fed teenage angst and left many of us feeling insecure and unsure of ourselves. But even as adults, friendship can still be Continue Reading

Talk. Support. Relief.

Join me for our next WifeBoat Online Support Group May 18th-August 10th   Hear more about WifeBoat on Renee's interview on Midday Connection with Anita Lustrea and Melinda Schmidt on Moody Radio I've had many women ask me how they could possibly cope after finding out the devastating news that their husband had been using pornography, having an affair or feeling homosexual attractions.  These grieving wives have often felt there was no place to turn to talk safely and openly about what they were dealing with.  Family, friends, and career Continue Reading