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Here is where we talk about how we’ll talk about what we talk about.

Posting and Comments
WifeBoat is a blog specifically created for women in difficult situations in their marriages. These situations can include dealing with a spouse in adultery, betrayal, sexual addiction and addiction to p*ornography. The posts are primarily in a teaching format from a Christian worldview using Biblical references. WifeBoat is a trademark of Renee Dallas; the posts on WifeBoat are copyright Renee Dallas, and are my sole and exclusive property, unless otherwise indicated.  If you would like to reprint any of this material, please contact me for written permission.

Comments to posts should remain on-subject so that a thoughtful and edifying dialog can be maintained. Inappropriate language, imagery or spam is unacceptable. Everyone should respond in a civil tone with respect, even if there is strong disagreement.

Comment trolls (people only commenting for the sake of causing trouble) will be moderated out of the discussion. This is a privately owned publication and I reserve the right to edit and/or delete any comment.

Comments belong to and are the sole intellectual property of the person who made the comment. Publication of a comment does not necessarily mean I agree with it or endorse it.

Spam Filtering Software
If your comment doesn’t immediately post on this blog, it’s because I use a spam blocking software. Your comment may have been held for moderation by the software and I will release it as soon as possible. Some first time comments may be held until released by me.

Emergency Situations
If you or someone you know are in danger from a third party, and/or are in extreme emotional distress,(including suicidality, depression, or high anxiety) please contact your local pastor, counselor/therapist, hospital emergency room or law enforcement authorities IMMEDIATELY. Additionally, if you know about the use of any illegal images involving underage minors/children, or the abuse of underage minors/children, or spousal abuse, please contact your local authorities IMMEDIATELY. WifeBoat is not able to respond, and DOES NOT assume any liability in these situations.

Contact Form:
If you want to contact me without posting, you can use the Contact Form. I will try to respond as time permits.  Sometimes when I respond, my emails are returned because you need to mark my email address as safe.  If you want to do this, you may use reneedallas at wifeboat dot com. My time to respond is limited, so please do not be offended if I don’t respond as promptly as you had expected. It’s possible I may not be able to respond at all, or I may respond by using your question in a post, leaving your name out. Please do not take it personally—I love you, I really do!

Trackbacks are “pings” sent from other blogs referencing particular posts. It creates a link in the comments section to the other blog so that readers here will know that this other blog has something to say on the same subject. Trackbacks are wonderful tools in the blogosphere that help bloggers feel connected to each other in this vast cyber world. At the same time, spammers and trolls know how to use this tool as well.

The same type of parameters for comments apply here. There is only one additional caveat. It is an expectation in the blogosphere that any trackback sent to another blog must have a link to the trackbacked post also embedded in the post. If you want to trackback posts on this blog you must also link to my post in your post. Don’t ping without linking. It’s a blogosphere no-no. I will be merciful to newbies…and even oldies but will delete trackbacks that don’t have direct links if the person doing it is a repeat offender.

Portions of this Discussion Policy adapted from guidelines originally published by Randy Thomas. Used with permission.

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