What’s a WifeBoat?

A WifeBoat is a place of safety and direction for wives who’ve been through rough seas in a relationship. It’s a place of shelter when the ship of your life has been hit by a torpedo and you feel like you’re sinking fast. A crises in a marriage – especially if the crises includes infidelity – leaves a wife scared, enraged, bewildered, and sometimes ready to jump ship! That’s where this blog comes in. I wanted to create a safe place for wives who are suffering the pain of betrayal and need to vent, heal, and connect with other women who understand.

For 21 years my husband has been ministering to Christian men who’ve gotten caught up in the use of p*orn or who’ve committed adultery. I’m glad he’s doing that. But for every husband who’s done these things, there’s a heartbroken wife who needs help too. I’ve heard from those wives, and over and over the same questions come up: What should I do? Who can I talk to who really understands? What are my options? What can I expect?

I’m ready to explore those questions with you, and together, I hope we can have an online sanctuary for Christian women who are willing to hurt, huddle and grow together.

So here’s a cup of coffee and a warm blanket.  I’m so glad you’re here, and I look forward to leaning in and growing with you. Let’s start rowing to our destination: wholeness.

 –Renee Dallas

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