WifeBoat Support Groups

Wow Renee!! What a powerful session. I really didn’t know what to think about the whole “support group” thing…something was just telling me I needed to participate..I know that “someone” was God. It feels so weird..but great at the same time…to have a safe place to share. Thanks again. – Group Participant
WifeBoat™ Online Support Groups offer a safe, confidential setting where wives can share about the challenges they face in dealing with marriages that have been impacted by adultery, pornography or other sexual sin.  The group approach  is from Christian, Biblical world view and contains a combination of teaching and support.

Space is limited in each group, so registration by the deadline is recommended. For a description of the groups, schedule and registration information, please see the links below:

1. WifeBoat™ Support & Teaching Groups – 12 Week Support Groups

ONLINE GROUP FORMING: January 30th, 2014. ends April 17th, 2014. Thursday Evenings  4:00pm – 6:00pm PST   Group Fee: $200  REGISTER HERE to reserve your place.

IN-OFFICE GROUP FORMING: February 4th, 2014. ends April 22nd, 2014. Tuesday Evenings  7:00pm – 9:00pm PST
   Group Fee: $200  REGISTER HERE to reserve your place.

Please use Contact Form if you have any questions.
These group formats consist of 12 online meetings and includes weekly lessons, journaling questions, online/in-office teachings and group support facilitated by Renee Dallas.  All group interaction is confidential and each participant is required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and an Intake Form.

2. WifeBoat™ Individual Curriculum & Coaching –  Individual Meetings
Five 45-minute meetings
Fee: $200
Meetings by Appointment
Individual telephone or in-office coaching/mentoring meetings with Renee Dallas are available for the person who may not be able to make a 12-week commitment to the group, or who is waiting for a group to open.  Individual meetings using Biblically-based curriculum are also available to current and past group members. All coaching/mentoring is confidential and an Intake Form is required.  Register

3. WifeBoat™ Extension Online Suport Group- 12 Week Online Support Group
CURRENTLY A full/closed  group* Next Extension Group TBD
Time: TBD
Group Fee: $125
* To make reservation, please use Contact Form
The extension group is for individuals who have completed the Support&Teaching Group and who desire ongoing support.  Based on the subjects covered in the introductory group (forgiveness, anger, boundaries, etc.),  each member will have the opportunity of  setting goals for which they would like the group to help them with.  The group also includes brief teaching and support facilitated by Renee Dallas. All group interaction is confidential and each participant is required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and an Intake Form.

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